Welcome to Peripheral Audio.  We are music producers on a journey to the future of the music industry and we would like to take you with us.  Our unique approach to production enables YOU (the artist) to freely create and not be bound to any particular format, style, or genre.   We start by listening to your sound, your talent, and your vision, and then we build a production that showcases all of those elements.  In other words.........

We make the music around YOU.

Here's How It Works

If you haven't already, check out some samples of our work above.  Next, go to the "Music" tab on our site and check out some of the tracks we have currently available for lease or exclusive purchase.  Then, Email Us.  We are available to create custom productions for you and work with you to develop your unique sound.  Contact us below and tell us a little about yourself.  Let us know what you are looking for and feel free to include samples of (or links to) your music if you have them. 


Multi-talented while remaining truly unique, Anhayla (Ahn-hay-lah), a Virginia native, is a songstress, writer and guitarist whose sounds have captured the heart and minds of her fans. If you need proof, ask her 61,000 plus subscribers on YouTube with a page that has over 9 million views. The sound that is Anhayla is an infusion of Soul, Rock, Rhythm and Blues but she herself likes to say, “I just take a little bit from every genre and put it into my music.  Anhayla’s works include her single "If i Was" (2013), LP “If i Was” (2012), her EP “U.G.L.Y.” (2012), and her single “Call Me Selfish” (2011) Anhayla’s star is one to watch, as she will shine bright in this world.

Mean Green Ent

Mean Green Entertainment was created in early 2009.  Currently, M.G.T. represents 7 artists: Mazerati, 420, Showtime, Flip It Quick, Fluggi Baby, Trigga Man, & Bra Red who all hail from Richmond, VA. In the short time the group has been working, M.G.T. has had the honor of being the opening act for Future, Star Lito, Yo Gotti, Zed Zilla, and Pusha T. They have performed at various clubs and venues in Richmond such as The National, The Showplace, and Paradise Lounge.

T Soul

Singer/Songwriter/Producer TSoul (Terry Pinkard) is an artist whose music resonates with your soul.  A small town boy from Virginia, he has toured in several states throughout the US and countries across the world including, Japan, Italy, and France. Following in the footsteps of legends, TSoul has performed at the historic Apollo theater in Harlem NY twice,  as well as the Blue Note in Manheim,  Germany!  TSoul has released 2 albums ("Love & Music", & "Happy Holidays" ) and more recently 2 singles (Things Have Changed & Time Machine) .His YouTube has acquired  over 10 million  views.



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